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Is Garage Door Repair Covered by Homeowner's Insurance?

Nashville had it's biggest snow storm in the last decade in February 2021. Just when we thought the pandemic had shut us in long enough, the weather iced up all the roads. But what if you couldn't even get your car to the road, because ice froze your garage door to the concrete?

This actually happened to a friend of mine last week. His garage door froze to the ground and he couldn't get his car out. What's worse is his garage door opener bent up the garage door by pulling and tugging even though the door was frozen in place. Result: a bent garage door bottom panel and a burnt out garage door opener. A garage door bottom panel doesn't sound like an expensive repair, but it can be costly if trying to match a specific brand and color of your existing garage door. In fact, if your garage door is old enough, you may not even be able to match up the old panels with the new one. And when your garage door opener uses too much force it will burn the motor up. Who knew a little snow storm could be so expensive?

When homes get damaged by weather events, everyone wants to know if their homeowner's insurance will cover the damage. The short answer is maybe! Here are the three big things to consider:

1. What is my deductible?

Typically people today carry $1,000 plus deductibles before their homeowner's insurance kicks in. Damage like from the tornado like the one that hit Nashville in March 2020 could mean replacing the entire garage door. That would exceed your deductible enough to be worth filing a claim. But if you can just replace the panel for less, your insurance won't kick in.

Call your agent and get an adjuster out to determine if your insurance will cover replacing your entire garage door. It may be less expensive to replace the whole garage door than the cost of replacing just one panel if your door is difficult to match.

2. Does my insurance exclude the specific type of weather event?

Flood insurance is not very common in Tennessee so if you are flooded, that may not be covered by general insurance policies. But floods rarely damage the garage door itself, so wind damage, flying debris and even lightening damage to your garage door opener should be covered under typical policies.

3. How do I work with my garage door repair person if my garage door damage is covered?

Kingdom Doors will be happy to provide a free estimate to you for the cost of replacing your garage door or garage door opener versus repairing a panel or other part. You can then submit these estimates to your adjuster for approval. You can then call us to do the work and submit your receipts to your insurance company for reimbursement. We are too small to have a collections department so we do require payment directly from you at the time of service. But your insurance company can let you know in advance how long it should take to get your reimbursement. We have had several customers get promptly reimbursed with our professional quality work and paid invoice proof. We never overcharge or sell you (or your insurance company) anything you do not need.

Have more questions? Call us at 615-810-6415 today! Also feel free to leave a comment below!

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kate jone
kate jone
Nov 04, 2021

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