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Melissa, Franklin, TN 

Last night, one of the springs on my garage door mechanism broke. It was really loud and I didn't know what happened at first. Tried to open the garage....nope. It was broken.  I called Chad with Kingdom Doors. He arrived promptly at 8:30 this morning and replaced 2 springs for me. Only one had snapped but I decided to go ahead and replace both as the other may fail soon too. (See the left spring snapped) He also replaced the track rollers for a very minimal extra and adjusted part of the pulley mechanism. My garage opens and closes *so* much more quietly now. He was very professional, prompt, and extremely reasonably priced. I would highly recommend him should you find yourself with a garage door issue. Chad, Kingdom Doors, 615.810.6415.

Brandon, Spring Hill, TN

Phenomenal service. On time, considerate of your time, and experts at what they do. We have had Kingdom Doors out to our house 4 times in the last 2 years (we have a very destructive dog) and they are always so nice and knowledgable. I will always use them for our garage!

Barbara, Smyrna, TN

Clay + helper came out in the freezing cold to do my garage door repair: under 55 degrees, the door would go up but not down. So in a really cold week like this one, I was facing having the door UP for nights on end if I went out. What a relief! They were excellent! Who knew a garage door box had a mother board?

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