Insider Tips for Picking a Garage Door WITHOUT Glass 



If you do not need natural light inside your garage, you can style your garage door outside in some very unique ways, from mid-century modern trim in a starburst pattern to mirror polished metal! Garage doors are often said to be the hardest products to sell because the options are endless. Additionally, if you need the insulation for your garage to keep the most steady, no glass is definitely the most consistent insulation option.



While full glass doors may dominate Pinterest these days, the style of your house or your design style may call for something different. And glass panels are traditionally more expensive so you can save money as well. We can work with you to find a gorgeous option from our preferred manufacturers without one pane of glass. Go ahead and install that basketball net above the garage door. Until your HOA makes you take it down at least!



One seldom discussed reason for opting for no garage door glass panels is privacy and security. If you are inventing the next best mouse trap in your garage, you may not want anyone to be able to peek through the glass. Or you may just want to make sure you don't have to live with a broken glass panel until we can get out to fix it if the kids hit a fly ball. Don't discount the advantage of privacy when you opt for a garage door style without glass.

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