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Insider Tips for Picking a Residential Garage Door with Glass



The days are long gone when you were limited to putting glass only in your top garage door panel. We can find you a garage door with glass in every panel, to the left, to the right, or even just in the center of the center two panels. We have even installed a massive hydraulic all glass door on a home on top of a mountain to take advantage of the full sunset. 



Decorative TRim

There are pros and cons to types of decorative trim. Some decorative glass trim is a vinyl insert that makes the glass easier to replace if your child hits a baseball through the glass. Some decorative glass is tempered with the design ceramic baked on which makes it harder for the ball to break the glass in the first place. All patterns eventually become hard to find exact replacements. And patterns can become dated. But in some cases, like mid-century modern, that dated look is just what you are looking for. The baked in glass design can also cost a lot more than the vinyl garage door glass inserts. Insider Tip: If your HOA is fine with it, it is often easier and faster to pick a brand new glass decoration for all the panels than to try to match an older vinyl insert. Also, with the many different types of glass these days, just updating from a decorative trim to a coated privacy glass can give your curb appeal the refresh it needs without replacing the entire door!




Should you upgrade to insulated glass in your garage door? It depends. Insulated glass is costly, it can add $500.00 or more to the cost of a garage door over non-insulated garage panels. It is definitely worth it if you need it. So when would you need it? If you use the garage as an office or living space and want natural light. In that case, you should have a high R-value garage door installed with insulated glass. Barndominiums are a great example. Your car and your lawnmower, on the other hand, are perfectly fine with non-insulated glass in your garage door. 

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Insider Tips for Picking a Garage Door w
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